Building and managing things that add value to life in the Balkans is our basic principle.



These houses, which are completely friendly to human health due to the materials used in their composition, also have a nature-friendly structure with 100% recycling properties.

Such type of houses are erected by stitching the steel profiles knot by knot just like a spider weaving its nest in addition to the freedom of design. They are delivered to customers in a very short time after completing the fire resistant insulation and coatings.

  • Renewable energy
  • Turnkey 45 days
  • Nature-friendly structure
  • Fire resistant insulation
  • Affordable prices

EURO-BALKAN University

Established in 1999, Euro-Balkan University has long been a home to critical thinking, progressive education, and a conscientious community. The university is committed to pushing positive change and creating a caring world for everyone.

With the takeover of the Euro-Balkan University by Skopje Investments Group (SIG) at the end of 2019 with its changed ownership structure has focused directly on raising qualified manpower for the professions of the future.

Smart City Furnitures

The smart city furniture is increasingly being adopted by cities. The percentage of cities and communities incorporating the smart city furniture is rapidly growing throughout the world as these self-powered products have the capability to optimise the public infrastructure, provide connectivity such as free WiFi that can make the life of citizens and visitors easier. Whether it’s about digital signs or smart bus stops there is a wide range of smart products available in terms of smart city furniture.


POINTS is a kinetic directional sign whose arms rotate to display events, information, and highlighted locations in the nearby area. It was conceived in response to the significant movement of cities around the world adopting large touch screens, which inevitably resort to being digital ad platforms more so than useful information sources. We felt there was a better way to serve up useful, time-relevant data in a more pleasing and timeless way. POINTS is a patented technology.

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